Don’t worry, just do it!

‘If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.’ – Sir Richard Branson.

There’s a theme created by our own anxiety that we’re just not good enough. Our brain has been programmed to instinctively believe failure is the most likely option, and that the pain we feel from failure or rejection far outweighs the delight we experience from success. This feeling convinces us that conformity is always the safest and, therefore, the smartest option.

I feel this anxiety every time I publish something on twitter, linkedin, facebook and right here on the blog. The rush from hitting the ‘tweet’ ‘send’ or ‘publish’ button is almost immediately overwhelmed by the fear of rejection; the worry that I’ve written something foolish or utterly uninteresting.

Despite this though, I have found that in fighting back the fear, we can allow ourselves to become the most inspired and creative version of ourselves. By doing this, we can allow our brilliant thoughts and ideas to have a truly positive impact on our lives – sometimes you just have to trust your gut and follow where it takes you.

I was offered an opportunity recently; left with a decision which, on the face of it, was a no-brainer, piece of cake and walk in the park all wrapped into one. Still, despite the obvious choice presented to me, I wrestled with my options tirelessly before eventually deciding to go for it. Yet my fear of the unknown, together with the anxious thoughts about my seemingly inevitable failure, almost stopped me making what might just turn out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made so far in my career.

I’m not saying you should do everything that comes to mind, nor am I saying you should take every opportunity presented to you. The message here is that you can’t allow the fear of rejection or failure stop you from doing the things you love, or grabbing an opportunity with the potential to change your life. If it feels right, JUST DO IT!

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