Lockdown Log

I'm approaching the end of my third week in social isolation / lockdown as I type this. Things don't really feel as if they've changed too much, apart from the obvious lack of freedom to leave the front door as and when I choose. Then again, I wonder how much I really made the most... Continue Reading →

The Weight of Pressure

There are a lot of ways in which people feel pressure. When you're a child, you feel pressure to make friends and fit in at school. You feel pressure to impress your friends and teachers. You even feel pressure to impress your parents, mostly through fitting in and doing well at school! As you grow... Continue Reading →

Sean Banks: Ignore the Noise, Stick to the Plan

In today’s world, we are never more than a finger swipe away from keeping up with the latest intrigue-grabbing headlines. It’s a world designed to grab your attention with the least resistance possible, to distract you from the normality of everyday life with a seemingly never-ending conveyer belt of crises. There seems to be a need amongst society to be worried about something, whatever that thing is. Many of us aren’t happy unless we have something to be unhappy about.

Like anyone else, our clients are swept up by the barrage of noise. This may seem more prominent in recent years, with political controversies such as Donald Trump’s presidency, a nation divided by Brexit or, most recently, Boris Johnson becoming the 77th UK Prime Minister. There is no longer such a thing as a ‘slow news day’.

So why does this relate to us as financial advisers?

Because none…

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The Power of Audio

If you want to get smarter, you have to read books. This has been a fact of life since the very first words were written thousands of years ago. I've never been much of a big reader myself though. Despite being quite an accomplished reader from a young age, it was never really something that... Continue Reading →

5 must-have money apps

The world of technology is forever advancing, which continues to make life more convenient. Imagine 15 years ago, being told that pretty soon, you'll be able to do your weekly food shop, book a holiday, read the newspaper and order breakfast to your door, all in the space of one morning using your 'mobile phone'.... Continue Reading →

Professional Spotlight, Millennial Addition: Sean Banks

Guess what the average age for a financial adviser in the UK is?

45? 50? 55? Depending on where you look, it should fall somewhere in that range.

Sean Banks is 26.

A financial adviser at Premier Wealth Planning, Banks began at another large pensions company working as an auxiliary planner. But soon enough he was having regular phone calls with clients and began to understand what they were seeking out in the planning process. That was when the actual prospect of working as an adviser came into play. Pretty soon Banks was studying for exams, and shortly thereafter landed a financial advising job.

Working in financial services as a millennial might initially seem like a disadvantage, but Banks has reframes his age in a positive light. He knows that experience doesn’t always equal expertise, and his young age means he’s in this fight for the long haul:

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