Optimists in a world of pessimism

'The great financial planners are students of history. They take the countless lessons from the past and use them to contextualise the here and now, in order to help people make better long-term decisions for them and their families.'

Lockdown Log

I'm approaching the end of my third week in social isolation / lockdown as I type this. Things don't really feel as if they've changed too much, apart from the obvious lack of freedom to leave the front door as and when I choose. Then again, I wonder how much I really made the most... Continue Reading →

The Weight of Pressure

There are a lot of ways in which people feel pressure. When you're a child, you feel pressure to make friends and fit in at school. You feel pressure to impress your friends and teachers. You even feel pressure to impress your parents, mostly through fitting in and doing well at school! As you grow... Continue Reading →

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