The Land of No Returns

A STAGGERING amount of wealth disappeared down the drain last year from people who work for large-scale corporate enterprises. WHY? Auto-enrolment has no doubt seen a huge rise in the number of people entering a workplace pension plan, which is absolutely a good thing on the whole. However, most people who enter a workplace pension... Continue Reading →

The Third Place

Helping someone realise they can work because they want to, not because they have to, is incredibly empowering. Often, once someone is shown they are financially independent, they begin to enjoy work more than ever, free in the knowledge they can stop whenever they want, on their own terms.

Picking up the pieces

'There's a movement going on in the world of financial planning. A movement away from calculators, products and spreadsheets; towards emotional connection, engagement and experience. As the profession continues to evolve, so too does the way we operate as financial planning professionals and businesses.' Here, I share a personal story to help illustrate the power of emotional connection in client engagement.

Nick Murray: 18 pearls of wisdom

Nick Murray's books, newsletters and talks have had a major impact on my career and influenced many of the ways I practice the art of financial planning and client communication. Here, I have compiled a list of his wisest, most salient quotes and phrases.

Optimists in a world of pessimism

'The great financial planners are students of history. They take the countless lessons from the past and use them to contextualise the here and now, in order to help people make better long-term decisions for them and their families.'

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